Chengzhi Technology is hiring cybersecurity English lecturers

In 2023, Chengzhi Technology achieved remarkable results on the international stage. Not only do we have authorization from multiple international organizations and partners with many international institutions, we also actively participate in multiple international forums and summits, communicate with industry leaders, experts, and peers from all over the world, and also provide services to customers in many countries and regions. launched a cybersecurity awareness publicity project. These projects aim to raise the attention of local people and enterprises to cybersecurity and enhance their security awareness to respond to increasingly complex network security threats.

In addition, the training business of Chengzhi Technology has also emerged on the international stage and has been recognized by customers. Currently, it has received multiple requests for cybersecurity training for foreign personnel. Therefore, we are recruiting cybersecurity English-taught lecturers from around the world. Recommendations are welcome.

Including but not limited to cybersecurity awareness training, CISSP, CCSP, CSA series certification, ISO 27001, PMP, ITIL, CISP-PTE/PTS/IRE/IRS and other cybersecurity certification courses or cybersecurity theory, practical and other non-certification courses .


  1. Communicate with customers in English, design courses according to customer needs, develop and produce English courseware and learning materials;
  2. Teaching is conducted in English to ensure that the course content is clear and easy to understand and can be understood by foreign audiences at different levels;
  3. Communicate, interact and communicate smoothly with foreign students, answer relevant questions, continuously improve teaching methods and methods based on relevant feedback, and improve students’ learning interest and satisfaction;
  4. Track and study new technologies, new developments and trends in the field of cybersecurity, timely update and optimize training courses, and improve teaching quality and training effects.


  1. Bachelor degree or above, computer, cybersecurity or related majors are preferred;
  2. Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and able to teach and communicate in English fluently;
  3. At least 5 years of working experience in the field of cybersecurity. Certification courses must hold relevant certification certificates and have rich practical experience and teaching experience. Non-certification courses must have rich practical experience and teaching experience;
  4. Love training, have unique insights into cybersecurity teaching, have clear logic, are willing to share, are good at summarizing, have a strong sense of responsibility, and are willing to help others.

Please send your CV and portfolio